Current aid projects

Here a description of the finished and running projects to aid the local population.
There are many projects I would wish to do. Of course I can not do all, but let me just give you some idea about what I would like to do.

1. There is a culture of cutting wood. Since ancient time this is being done on a regular basis to supply firewood for cooking, build fences, houses, sunroofs or just to earn money. In ancient times this was not a problem, nature would provide. But with the increasing population this puts to great a burden on nature. Together with the burning of almost all nature after the rainy season, nature is getting into trouble.
Specially around towns and villages you see desert like areas where everything has been cut. The short rainy season does provide new growth but either this will be eaten by the numerous cows, goats, sheep or donkeys, or it gets burned up in the national burning month.
The local population does not have the vision to understand that what they are doing is not good. And even if they would, there is no alternative available.
I would like to make an alternative available. Either by providing cooking gas or some other solution (solar cooking, fuel from waste?)
In conjunction I would like to start to inform and teach the local population that they should not burn the brush (only the land on which they cultivate), and should diminish the cutting of wood.

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